Laan Copes van Cattenburch 69 J

2585 EW, Den Haag

€1605,- (incl.)
€2512,- (shortstay)

Laan Copes van Cattenburch 69 J

Just outside The Hague lies the theme park Drievliet. In the 17th century it was a farm and later on a country house with a large garden park. The Faaij family rented the house in 1937. They started a local bar and later on there came a tea garden with a playground. After World War II the tea garden was doing real good so they could buy the entire property in 1950. Each resident of The Hague has ever visited Drievliet. First as a child with parents and later with school trips. And so it goes on for generations. In the early days it was mainly a large playground. Over the years, however, there were more and more scary and high attractions. On some days, when is is not as busy, it is possible to take the same ride over and over again. However, it may be possible that you will get nauseous. Some people are already getting sick of seeing a floating mill. Besides, the first floating mills existed hundreds of years ago. Initially you had to propel yourself, hanging from a rope. Around 1700 a horse pulled the loaded carrousel around. Today the flying chairs are powered electrically. To make it even a bit scarier the swinging mill in Drievliet can be tilt.

Additional information short stay apartment Flying Dutch
This short stay apartment depends in several respects from the other rental apartments in Residence Copes. Below you will find which features apartment Flying Dutch contains.

- Short stay apartment Flying Dutch is located on the front of the buidling.
- This apartment is characterized by many big and tall windows.
- The rental appartment has a seperate toilet.
- High monumental ceilings.
- Wide window sills.
- A comfortable view on a square with monumental buildings and trees.

General information rental apartment The Hague
The rental apartments in Residence Copes have a number of features. Below you will find all features which all short stay apartments contains.

- You can compare the apartments of Residence Copes in The Hague with a 5 star hotel.
- All rental apartments in Residence Copes have their own gas, water and electricity meter.
- The bathroom of all short stay apartments are featured by both a power shower and hand shower. Furthermore, all bathrooms and toilets possess beautiful and accurate tilling work.
- With the exception of apartments 69C, 69G en 69Q all apartments have a separate toilet room.
- The rental apartments have an optimal use of the surface. This is because each apartment has its own designed furniture.
- Each apartment has floor heating. The temperature in the apartment can be changed by using the thermostat.
- Each apartment has a videophone to open the central front door.
- The kitchen of the short stay apartment contains all the neccessary kitchen equipment. The kitchen has a microwave/oven combination, dishwasher, fridge, induction cooker, Nespreso coffeemaker, kettle and a toaster. This makes it ideal to prepare breakfast, lunch or dinner.



Adres Laan Copes van Cattenburch 69J

Postcode 2585EW

Stad Den Haag

Borgsom €1.800,-

Beschikbaar Direct

Beschikbaar tot -

Interieur Gemeubileerd

Slaapkamers 1

Badkamers 1

Oppervlakte 35 m²

Balkon -

Tuin -

Soort woning Appartement