Laan Copes van Cattenburch 69 M

2585 EW, Den Haag

€1870,- (excl.)
€2962,- (shortstay)

Laan Copes van Cattenburch 69 M

The Residence Copes is located in a safety area in the center of The Hague. The apartments building is easy to reach and near highways like the A13, A4 and A44. To reach the apartment building you can also use the public transport. The central station of The Hague is at a stone’s trow of the Residence Copes. With train from Schiphol Airport you will arrive at the central station of The Hague in 30 minutes. To move in the city of The Hague you can also use the tram which stops near the Residence Copes.

The (edited) picture in short stay apartment 69M shows the windows of the city palace at No. 13 on De Kneuterdijk. This palace was built in 1624. The residents must have seen in the period of 400 years a lot of extraordinarily neighbors. There lived rich men, nobles, ambassadors, court officials up to Jacob Cats, poet and Grand Pensionary of Holland since 1636. That last one is mainly known for his moralistic poems. They said at that time every household had two books in his house, the Bible and a collection of poems of Cats. After his death he was buried in the Monastery Church (see apartment 69N). In 1750 the distinguished family of Wassenaer Obdam tore down the houses and built a palace for themselves. The view at number 13 became perhaps less wide but more interesting instead. At that time the palace "Kneuterdijk" was worthy of a king. King Willem I thought the same and bought it for his son Willem II in 1850. His son who had married Anna Paulowna that year, Anna was the sister of the Tsar of Russia. But Anna Paulowna was used to the Romanovs splendor and she did not like the palace. She prefered staying at Soestdijk or in Brussels. Imagine you have the 'normal' people as your neighbors... For Willem II it felt like home. Willem II did not really had ethics. He had six illegitimate children, and there were rumors he had something with his servants.

Additional information short stay apartment Golden Palace
This short stay apartment depends in several respects from the other rental apartments in Residence Copes. Below you will find which features apartment Golden Palace contains.

- Short stay apartment Golden Palace is located on the front of the buidling.
- This apartment is characterized by many big and tall windows.
- The rental appartment contains a seperate toilet.
- High monumental ceilings.
- A bay window
- Comfortable view on a square with monumental buildings and trees.
- Specially designed bench for the living area.

General information rental apartment The Hague
The rental apartments in Residence Copes have a number of features. Below you will find all features which all short stay apartments contains.

- You can compare the apartments of Residence Copes in The Hague with a 5 star hotel.
- All rental apartments in Residence Copes have their own gas, water and electricity meter.
- The bathroom of all short stay apartments are featured by both a power shower and hand shower. Furthermore, all bathrooms and toilets possess beautiful and accurate tilling work.
- With the exception of apartments 69C, 69G en 69Q all apartments have a separate toilet room.
- The rental apartments have an optimal use of the surface. This is because each apartment has its own designed furniture.
- Each apartment has floor heating. The temperature in the apartment can be changed by using the thermostat.
- Each apartment has a videophone to open the central front door.
- The kitchen of the short stay apartment contains all the neccessary kitchen equipment. The kitchen has a microwave/oven combination, dishwasher, fridge, induction cooker, Nespreso coffeemaker, kettle and a toaster. This makes it ideal to prepare breakfast, lunch or dinner.



Adres Laan Copes van Cattenburch 69M

Postcode 2585EW

Stad Den Haag

Borgsom €1.800,-

Beschikbaar Direct

Beschikbaar tot -

Interieur Gemeubileerd

Slaapkamers 1

Badkamers 1

Oppervlakte 39 m²

Balkon -

Tuin -

Soort woning Appartement