Housing services

One of the most important but time consuming aspects of relocating to a new country is finding the right home. We all have different requirements and preferences when searching for a property and our comfort is dependent on securing a home that suits.

VERRA offers rental services, purchase services and home investment services. Rental services can be useful when you are new in the country, don’t know the area and how long you will be in The Netherlands. If you are certain after a period of time that you will extend your stay and you get more familiar with the area, VERRA can assist in purchasing a house on your behalf. For various expats that see the rental market as a good investment, VERRA can assist with finding the right apartment or house to get a good return on your investment.

Purchase and investment services

Purchase Service and buying a house or apartment in Rotterdam

VERRA is specialized in buying houses for their Expat clients in The Hague, Rotterdam and Leiden. Of course Expats or foreigners can buy a house or an apartment in The Netherlands, but it is good to know the ins and outs of the Rotterdam market before you buy something. Of course it takes time before you are familiar with the city and area and before you know the best areas to buy something.

Renting of buying?

Should I rent or buy a house in The Netherlands in the current market? That is a question we get a lot nowadays. The housing market is picking up quickly  and prices are rising and also our assignees know that. Lots of our Expat clients expect to leave Rotterdam after a couple of years. It is a logical decision to choose for a rental house or apartment because maybe they will never come back in Rotterdam. On the other hand, The Hague or Rotterdam are both perfect locations for a good investment at the moment:

  • Lot of international organizations and companies
  • The rental market in the cities in the South of Holland are very good at the moment
  • Tax advantages and lower monthly payments
  • Interesting return on investment
  • Getting a mortgage is not very hard and interest rates are low at the moment

Most of our Expat assignees have the right for a temporary accommodation and receive a housing allowance from their company. After this period they have to find a house by themselves. The period in the temporary accommodation is a good time to get to know Rotterdam and preferred areas / buildings to live in. If you are in The Netherlands or decide to come to Rotterdam and want to buy a property our purchase service can save you a lot of time and money because of our knowledge of the market.

There are a lot of agents who can assist you with buying a property. Because we are specialized in Expat Relocation we have a unique selling point: we know what’s your investment worth in the future when you decide to leave The Netherlands and we can take care of it like it is our own, with all our rental services and maintenance service in order to get the required return on investment.

Building profits and relationships

At VERRA we love to build profits and relationships. It is our challenge to find your perfect house or apartment to live in, but you don’t want to lose money when you decide to leave The Netherlands. With our purchase service we will guide you to buy the best place for your personal needs, but also for your future investment.


With our long experience in the expat market, we come highly recommmended. Intrigued? Go to the contact page and discover what other property owners and customers have to say about us and how we operate.